While answering another post, something struck me. A realization of something we all do without even thinking about it.  It begins before we even get on board, and it has to do with the spread of the dread, Norovirus.

Question : how many of us bring & use our own pen when we do our pre boarding paperwork ?  You know, the forms we fill out in the terminal.  I would guess, most just take the pen that is proffered us on line or at the counter. But think about it. How many people in the terminal are coughing, wheezing, sneezing, etc ?  What are the odds they used the same pen?  Are you skeeved yet ?   We might be spreading Noro before we even get ON the ship.

My advice...bring a container of Purel, and your own pen.   Neither weighs much. It might mean the difference between enjoying the entire cruise ship, or just your cabin.




btw, we use our own pen. Not because we ever thought of this before, but we keep one handy, and we prefer fountain pens.