I joined Cruiseline 4 months ago and this will be my 309th post and last. At the time of joining, I was not aware that the control of the web site and virtually every member was American based. Following my first post, I was pleased to receive welcoming comments from CruisinTim, Kennicott CruisingCM , BAK1061 and Jusme.

Initial posts and replies were friendly, but it does appear that Americans and Canadians have a totally different concept of life to English people and simply do not understand the English culture.

Recent comments from the above 5 posters have been decidedly personal towards me and I was not impressed when Kennicott accused me of being a troll.

I did join hoping to pick up useful tips on cruising, but it seems to me that the more cruises each person takes makes them more snobby. Comments to the extent of “if you have only cruised twice”, were certainly not appreciated. To go on a cruise with a ship full of snobs in their penguin suits is not our idea of fun and the same feeling was felt on this web site when I discussed Freestyle cruising.

Very little information is actually gleaned from the posts with a lot of posts from Glomorrone bordering on the fact that she seemed to have nothing better to do.

So no doubt the above mentioned will be pleased at my decision not to make any further posts and you may make as many comments as you like as there will be no

Hopefully nobody will play at babyhouse and delete this post for inappropriate behaviour and so it is Thankyou and Goodbye