I want to share this with you all. I have a business associate who has just taken his first cruise. He will try to join this forum and post when he can but we met for lunch today .

He booked his first cruise that left from Vancouver and went to Hawaii. He sailed on the Carnival Legend with his brother and their wives. When he came to me during the summer I showed him sites, routes, options and all cruise lines. Some fool told him to only go to all inclusives and to avoid cruise at all cost. The reason he picked the cruise was because I told him to.

Well,,,,,, Let me tell you.... today he raved for two hours about everything Carnival.

He has a shadow box for his blue card. The service he received was exceptional and the only trouble he had was he received the wrong information from the helo tour company in Hilo. He could not fly to the volcano.. Him and his brother are big boys and the helo was too small. The Steak House he claimed was great, he loved the Eggs Benedict for breakfast. The towel animals his wife found incredible and amusing. He won in bingo and the casino. and his wife won 1500.00 in the Casino---paid for a big part of the cruise.

Now the fun part. He is looking at cruising on our cruise. He will be cruising on another Carnival as a poker player later this year.

I have been telling everyone I know about cruising and this kind of success story makes me feel great about our obession. His brother has cruised before on Disney and  will be cruising more because of this cruise.

Just wanted you to know.

Thanks group