After much research, humming and hawing, and one bad day at work Friday... we decided on our next cruise! Bad news... Can't book until I can confirm my time off (Hopefully Monday!) :(


Found a nice late September cruise on the Oasis, 7 nighter. Includes 1 port I've never been to (Jamaica), 1 I have not been to in 8ish years(Labadee),  and a return port (Cozumel). Even though it is not the BEST cruise deal I have come across, (Galveston cruises were so inexpensive, but seem to be a hassle), the flights and hotel deals I found can make up for the extra cash on the cruise. Nothing flashy, we are doing an inside and booking though DirectLine Cruises (Best deal found). 


Super stoked, because I love cruising, but nervous because this will be the first cruise that A) I book/pay all by myself B) Cruising with just me and my BF (we have always gone with his parents, or I have gone with a friend and his family that take care of everything) and C) Booking through a 3rd party site. 


I'm sure that while on the cruise, we will be in the next cruise front checking something out in 2017--longer though..9ish days...we will see what deals they have.