Looking for a multi family group cruise out of Baltimore on the Carnival Pride next year.   the summer cruises hit Grand Turk, Freeport and a private cay,    However there is one over Thanksgiving that is over 30% cheaper even though same ship and same number of days.  That one stops at Nassau, Freeport and Port Canaveral.      There would be total of seven kids from age 6 to 13 and 8 adults.

Would there still be a fair amount of kids on the Thanksgiving dates as it would appear that cruise is cheaper as parents don't want to pull kids out of school for the three days before Thanksgiving?  (three days not five as they would be off Thursday/Friday during Thanksgiving week) 

How about weather both periods of time and  I assume that the ocean would still be nice to swim in November in the Bahamas? 

I guess, bottom line is I get the impression the summer trips are more expensive not because its a nicer time to cruise with warmer weather/ better swimming/better port stops but only because kids are out of school and the market will bear the higher rates then or does everyone think the summer cruises would be better as far as ports and weather?