with security measures becoming more strict, should the cruise lines prohibit passengers from bringing aboard their own beverages ?

Personally, I say yes.  You're an adult. You can do without your favourite soda for one week.    As is, the rules are somewhat contradictory.  You can bring wine or champagne, and soda....but not beer.   Why ?   I don't see the difference between having a favourite beer and a favourite soda.   If it's an alcohol thing, charge for the beer the way they charge for the wine.  

Regardless, having to check bottles of water to verify they are water is time consuming.  I shudder when I see passengers bringing water and soda by the hand truck on board.  Clearly it's a case of  " well I have to have XYZ, and I shouldn't have to do without it just because I am taking a cruise " .   Spoiled ba$tards really.   Me me me.....I want..I want...I want...


So, now there is a reason to end the bullcrap......attention passengers of cruise ship Harmony.....due to security issues you will no longer be able to carry beverages on board.  Feel free to pick them up upon debarkation.   Big Smile