Wonderful Fabulous time with my husband on his first and last cruise in spite of cold rainy weather and numerous setbacks.  He loved the cruise itself but disliked the hassle of getting to and from so unless a ship shows up in the desert ...I think he's done.  I understand.  I really do. Part of his disdain for travel in general stems from many hours spent at airports and the throng of unhappy rude crabby travelers that make matters worse.

This cruise had more crabby people than all of the cruises combined.  It was 4 hours late leaving out of LA due to waiting for travelers who had booked through Princess and were guaranteed departure.  That of course made sail away activities, opening of shops, casino delayed and by 8:30 pm, a lot of people just went to bed.  Did I mention it was pouring rain?

The main pool was being refinished but the indoor pool and terrace pool was functional - it was around 60 degrees and still raining for the next four days at sea.... 

Hubby and I were having a ball exploring the ship, eating, etc etc and were oblivious to the complaining until we arrived in Hawaii.  Weather was not perfect but much better - the sun did peak out on occasion and we did get to go to Waikiki Beach, Black Beach, Pearl Harbor and numerous other sites - will review under ports if the review link ever appears.

Another delay in port when we had to return to take back a passenger with medical emergency ... once again, a long delay leaving ... mumble grumble escalated.

The rest of the sea days were pretty much rainy and cold until the sun broke out in full force near Ensenada and we were able to sun ourselves on the deck.  Ensenada was overcast early and then rained all afternoon.  A passenger overdid the tequilla and captain actually announced that due to overembibing we were leaving someone behind who had collapsed and late delay departing again.

We enjoyed everything else about the cruise except the weather and the people who complained constantly.