Hello, dear cruisers!

The cruise season 2016 in St. Petersburg (Russia) is now officially completed. Therefore, it's time to summarize the results for us, but for you - to leave a comment or a proper review.

My name is Valeria and I am the press officer of "Passenger Port St.Petersburg "Marine façade". I am NOT connected to any tour company and my only goal at this stage is to make services better INSIDE the Port for YOU personally.

Your forums and replies in the past years helped us a lot in understanding the problems tourists face when coming to St. Petersburg. We do understand your anxiety 

Here are the main port's issues we have lined out on the basis of past reviews:

1. Wrong information in terms of visas spread onboard the vessels (only shore excursions bought from cruise company allow pax to go on shore without having visa, which is not exact true)

2. Passengers who bought private shore excursions are being kept on board the vessel until the rest of passengers with standard cruise excursions leave the vessel and pass the immigrations control first

3. Vessel staff directing private tour passengers to a limited number of immigration counters which results in long lines to wait. Long queues in general when disembarking 

4. Wrong information spread by cruise lines through letters in terms of dangerous situation in the city of St. Petersburg and encouraging to buy only "safe excursions on board the vessel"

I would highly appreciate if you correct me in case I am wrong in some points or maybe some of the above issues are not happening anymore. 

I would also appreciate if you add some more concerns about operations in the port such as work of immigration and customs control, etc. Whatever you have found inconvinient? 

Remember, I am here to make your stay in St. Petersburg better! Even perfect 

Let's summarize 2016 St. Petersburg Port experience here.

Thanks in advance for your helpful information!