Joined this site back in 16, but only started being "active" this year. Lots of interesting back n forth, especially among experienced cruisers. Since we have 4 cruises booked already for the next 2 years, and are seriously considering adding at least one more, Ive FINALLY spent some time wandering around the "reviews" section past few days.  Not to mention Ive thought about writing one for our upcoming BREAKAWAY.   But I don't see much point to it. Theres literally THOUSANDS of em, for virtually any ship.  Written by, what I can only assume are veteran cruisers with a wealth of experience they're willing to share, and newbies who have no experience with cruising but like to write about a subject they know very little (if anything) about.


 The good stuff gets lost in the thousands of reviews.  You can cherry pick anything you like...folks who loved the ship, folks who hated it. People who know what theyre talking about, and folks who don't. I don't have the time or inclination to scan thru dozens of reviews "looking for something"...any suggestions?  

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Generally, I will only pay attention to the 2-, 3- or 4-star reviews. This way I cut out the fan-boys and discontents.

I will, however, skim them to see if there are any common threads between them.

The 2,3 and 4 star are generally those giving an honest review as they see it.

There are only two review forums for cruise lines and ships, that I can find, that are anywhere close to comprehensive, and that is Cruiseline and C.C. Fodor's used to be pretty good but they tell you that they are almost out of the review business nowadays. I never heard of this "Sort Thru Em" site. From what you say it is a compilation of various reviews from other sites. Do they provide any indication where the reviews come from?

I pretty much agree with Rebel's view of reviews. The ones I pretty much ignore are the single issue low rating reviews where the poster has had a negative experience or something on a cruise and goes into a lengthy diatribe over the issue without saying anything else about the cruise, vessel, etc.

I believe that Rebel has the right of it. As with any statistical analysis you throw away the outliers (highest and lowest) and take the ones in the middle as the serious ones.

I agree. Please take the time to write a review. It helps to keep things current and we all have a different take the way we see things. I have read reviews from cruises i have been on and wondered were they on the same ship I was.

The way I read it, he is asking how to sort through the reviews on this siteWink

OMG KENN...went back and reread what I posted to start this sorry...yer right...I guess it COULD have been read that way...first I laffed, then remembered rule one...all you have in cyber is words...cant look thru the screen, altho some claim they can...yeh, I was just trying to find some shortcuts thru all the silly stuff in those reviews. And yes, I guess I will write one.....

Well said re statistical analysis, throw out highs and lows and concentrate on the mean.

Shucks. And for a time I thought perhaps we had another forum for cruise reviews. A few years ago I tried finding reviews other than C.C. and Cruiseline, I couldn't, guess they are the only game in town.

If you want all the reviews on Cruiseline you have to be careful and click on the "all reviews". What comes up first is their "verified" reviews. Verified reviews are simply those referred by Cruiseline selected travel agents who booked said reviewer for the cruise, as far as I can determine no further scrutiny is given to the review than that. Using the Pacific Princess as an example only 2 out of 18 reviewers are "verified". At one time Cruiseline used to verify reviews other than those from agencies if one sent in proof that the reviewer actually had taken said cruise. I understand that process was pretty labor intensive so it was dropped. Other than that I actually prefer the Cruiseline handling of reviews better than I do C.C.s. In particular Cruiseline keeps all your reviews in your profile, so if you want to go to one for reference it is readily available. In the case of C.C. you have to spend considerable time going through all the reviews for a particular vessel before you run across yours.

C.C. does take a lot of time allegedly scrutinizing reviews, supposedly to weed out the fakes.

I agree, if you go through all the reviews you can find arguments from terrible to super-super. Trying to find an average is okay but what I read the reviews for is to find opinion in order to determine what the vessel provides for in the way of entertainment, voyage education, amenities, comfort, service, cabin arrangements and other stuff.

Using the Pacific Princess again, here is a list of ratings from both C.C. and Cruiseline. Cruiseline uses a 1 to 5 star system which matches up with C.C.s Excellent, Very Good, Average, Poor and Terrible: C.C.--- 244 total-- Excellent 152, Very Good 60, Average 27, Poor 4 and Terrible 1. Cruiseline----74 total---31 5 points, 25 4 points, 14 3 points, 2 2 points, 1 2 points.

So, using an average rating calculator, and assigning stars to C.C. ratings, the C.C. average is 4.467 stars and the Cruiseline average rating is 4.09 stars.

KENN...which kind of begs the question of why I would bother to write one...

Well, probably there are quite a number of good reasons. However, numero uno for me is that after a dozen or more years go by during which we have racked up a lot of days on the high seas, a question comes up about this or that on a specific cruise, probably a question originating in my own mind. I can't remember. So I go to my Cruiseline profile and presto, I have the answer. Of course you have to do a lot of blabbing in a review to cover everything, which I have no problem with.


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