Sorry, but no apologies this time.

So, one of the threads  was locked out because someone didn't like what I posted. Shocking, I know... Often times I have apologized for offending people, as this is NEVER my intent.   I re read through the thread, thinking about how what I wrote could have been offensive.  Those of you who know me have seen the kids in the crate before, etc.   These images are pulled from Yahoo, not my own galleries.  The humour should have been obvious.   QUITE OBVIOUS.   Don't blame me if you don't think children in an airline overhead bin isn't funny,  it is. 


'I didn't participate in any so called name calling, and calling me a clown was taken in stride.   That is to say, I have been called worse things.     


Lastly, I think someone really went somewhere that was certainly not my intent when I wrote it.  To even THINK that I was referring to the mistreatment of children, in the way mentioned, I find insulting.  The only way I have ever heard of baiting an alligator is with chicken parts.  Lions and tigers however,did enjoy a Kosher meal every so often, from what I was told in Hebrew school.


Thats apologies because I only offered a humourous option to bathing a child.  Nothing more / nothing less.  However, if you wish to apologize to me for insinuating that I would even imply that I was baiting alligators, I accept.




footnote:  in all honesty, I have never even heard of that practice  til I read it.   

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Well Bak, I can say I've never seen anything I believe you need to apologize for, just good old fashioned humor. Guess that's not cool anymore either.Happy

I've been kinda busy lately, so I may have missed things. However, never having met BAK in person, I enjoy his humour. When we do meet, I can bet that we can have a few pops and then the really bad jokes will start..... Man, I can't wait........

Sad that it got out of hand. I know you were trying to put a bit of levity into the thread, it just didn't work out that way.Sad

Thanks everyone. I appreciate the kind words.

I am guilty of one thing.....rehashing an old joke.

Sheesh!! I love my grands more than the sun, moon, and stars, but I thought what you were posting was hilarious. I'm sorry that feelings were hurt, but sometimes humor is just, well, humor with no malicious intent. I used to follow up your crate pic on FV with my pic of the kid duct taped to the wall.

That's what my wife called me last night.... an old joke..... I came out of the shower and she was laughing...... Kinda makes you wonder...

Bak - 100% totally understand. I tend to write humor in my posts also. I am not as good as you, but I am trying. A couple weeks ago, I too, offended a long term poster on this forum. No intention to offend, just intent to humor. But her comment was that my post was offensive and not received as humor on her end.

We try to amuse and put a smile on someones face, or their heart. But we never know how the message will be received. Written communications, while seemingly so simple, is sometimes so complicated due to sender/receiver interpretations of the same message.

I hope you continue to amuse and make me think with your postings. Best wishes.

I'm sure she said it with love!

People nowdays take things too seriously. They need to lighten up. Everyone is so "touchy-feely" nowdays and they are offended by every little thing. Need to chill and enjoy life.

If I accidentally offend someone, and it has happened, I'll be the first to apologize. I get it, not everyone gets, or is amused by sarcasm ( or snarky responses ). But that's who I am. It's what I bring to the table. On FV there were some really big arguments that broke out. You couldn't type responses fast enough. At times it was really offensive. Some will recall how friendly and amicable Lizz and I were, but she reminded me, when I first got there, WOW ! We went at it on a daily basis. I went back and found some old threads. I was amazed at what I had written. Jerry hated everyone, and everyone hated Jerry. That too, changed over time. Sort of.

Its also about learning the tambor of the site. M & M for the most part just let us go. Not a lot of intervention, just, every so often, a thread would just, disappear. That's when we knew we went too far. And we would laugh. But over there, at the end of the day, it was always hugs and kisses. Well, almost always. The next day was a new day, and all was forgotten, usually.


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