I find it sad that I read so many reviews from people who obviously just LOOK to complain about something.  I know no trip is perfect, but if I'm on vacation, it has to REALLY be a major issue for me to come here or elsewhere and post complaint's about a CRUISE.  I have been on almost a dozen cruises, and I always hear at least one person who complains there wasn't anything good to eat (despite a buffet and numerous restaurants that have everything from pizza to lobster and steak), the weather was bad (umm.....so you give the ship a bad score?), the ship was crowded (gee, guess because it was the busy season for cruises maybe?), there were too many kids (well, maybe go when school's in?), ect ect....  THANK GOD I'm married to a woman who, like me, looks for the GOOD things and doesn't sweat the small stuff. Leaving on the Dream in a few days and I'll assure you I'll be back with a WONDERFUL review.