Well, interesting article. When we went on our Panama Cruise we did stop in Aruba and in Columbia before the Canal portion. Our next cruise will take us from New Orleans to Aruba, then on to Curacao,St Maarten and Philipsburg before heading to Boston and then to Bermuda. The busy Eastern portion is an itinerary that my son has been on. Judging by the amount of articles on problems the region is facing, we chose this trip based on the limited amount of stops.

I can see the attraction of both venues and depending on the demographics of the cruise and cruise line, options for these trips are plentiful.

I would like more input from the seasoned travellers in this forum, who have had both good and bad experiences in certain regions. For me presonally, longer voyages with more sea days are prefered, that does not mean I won't give the shorter bussier routes a try someday.

Let me know what this group thinks.