Hello all! I am a single cruiser going on the Carnival Fantasy (Fri 17th-Mon 20th) and was wondering if there were any other cruisers that were also traveling single (male or female) and wanted to meet up and hang out, maybe do some shore excursions. I am super easy going and easy to get along with and normally just go with the flow. Even if it's just you and a friend, maybe I could join in, (I've had other people do this with me and my friends on other cruises) I have my own ocean view cabin. This is sort of a celebration for me because I just had brain surgery in March to remove a tumor and now I am cleared to travel and super excited that I got through it all! :-) Gotta stay positive, right? Well, please feel free to contact me on here or facebook and once we make initial contact I would be okay with exchanging cell phone numbers. I hope everyone enjoys their trip!!