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OK, you can call me OCD if you like but I do have some experience in Moderating on another cruise website in the past and my query has been mentioned before to Cruiseline staff. I thoroughly enjoy Cruiseline and have left the other cruise websites I had frequented because of the increasing content here. I have been reading MANY review posts that read like they were written by a 6 year old and those posts do reflect greatly on the site. Posts that use poor grammar, written in LARGE CAPS, have only 1 star when the review exposes they had a great time, bash only one area of the cruise without giving full details on other areas and poor spelling (just to name a few) shine a poor light on the website! I have been told that due to staffing that it would be impossible to moderate every review written. I have offered my services in the past as a volunteer moderator to help with this issue. I truly feel that moderating these review posts prior to actual posting will help the website to draw and keep members. It is impossible to take a review serious when it reads like tabloid news. Just IMHO....

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I think that all reviews should be posted. That is what gives this site its relaxed flavor, Unlike other cruise sites we do not have all the negative back biting that drove a lot of us to this site and not others.

If reviews are "Approved" then we get heavy criteria of what and how we must post. That kind of activity cuts down on the amount of reviews. Here people can give a review and include what was important to them. I also feel that a person to "Approve" a review they could not approve a review because it bashes a cruise line that they like.

I would rather sift through the garbage reviews for the good ones then get a sanitized edition that may have gotten rid of something that was important to me but not to the reviewer.

I am in no way promoting the fact that a moderator that proof reads a review before posting be able to change it to what he or she believes as opposed to the member. I am only saying that by moderating a proposed review, corrections can be made or can be asked for the member to change when it comes to poor grammar or the like. REVIEWS THAT ARE POSTED LIKE THIS ARE NOT ONLY ANNOYING BUT TAKE AWAY FROM THEIR MESSAGE. Reviews that complain about one area of the cruise yet never mention pertinent information like cabin, food or crew negate the purpose of the reviews thread. I just personally feel that much of the information crucial to the review is being lost because some reviews seem to go more on a rant about a certain thing or crew member instead of the who, what and where of the experience they had. As for the back biting, have you read some of the review replies lately to some of these poor post's? Again, this is just my opinion. Thanks for your reply JusMe :)

Poor grammar and spelling are a result of the computer and smart phone age. Just be grateful you don't have to read their résumés and job applications.

Having just "approved" reviews and not "verified" on this site could lead down a road I would prefer not to travel. As for the grammar and the diatribes, well that goes with the territory.

I'm a writer and I appreciate well-worded content. I have been known to cringe when reading poorly written text. That said, we (meaning all members) are not all advanced grammar dweebs. While I think I understand your point, I don't think it's a good idea to go down that road. The review-each-post practice would likely ignite pretty intense customer feedback. That backlash would outweigh any perceived benefit. For business or formal purpose, pre-post review may work but this is a casual setting so we have to take the full spectrum of grammar and spelling.

One thing that might be a good idea is a new member delay. It might curtail the junk posts that I come across fairly regularly. This morning, I flagged at least 6 garbage posts that were complete nonsense. It took a couple minutes to go through and flag each of them before I actually did some reading and contributing. While I'm not a moderator or part of a formal review squad, I'm fine with flagging a few bogus entries... but they do seem to be increasing so a delay might be something to consider.

I never cease to be amazed at the poor grammar found not only in reviews, but also even in newspapers, books and magazines. I blame some of it on the songs the kids grow up singing. Whether we should censor poor spelling, poor grammar or poorly written reviews is another matter. We do have the ability to flag postings that are not pertinent to cruising, which appear periodically here and ones that use unacceptable language.

Personally, I am against censoring reviews for any purpose. Usually, by the first line I know where the review is going, and whether I should spend the time continuing to read it. As far as the star system, some people may believe 1 is good, 5 is bad, or simply clicked on the wrong star without realizing it.

I do like the verified, as I will not believe a review if the writer does not have the experience he is talking about, but any perceived censoring will ultimately destroy the believability of the fairness of the review section as a whole.

For the NOT a word. I have heard news reporters use this. The word is, regardless.

And the letter F, is not a substitute for TH. I will not go to the baFroom. I do not celebrate birFdays. And wiF, should only be used in a baseball game. Though people from northern NJ will be excused for saying wit, as in, " my cousin came wit me to the ball game ".

I can be a grammar nazi like the rest of them, but everyone has a right to his/her opinion. I wouldn't censor someone because of poor language skills.

Addendum to my original post
This morning, I flagged another 7 garbage posts as inappropriate... well, they were inappropriate unless you are considering moving to or around Mumbai. ~emphatic eye roll~

Once I flag them, they disappear from my feed but I am not sure they are disappearing from everyone else's feed. Hopefully it is cutting down on the flotsam.


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