The captain of the Star Princess was a gem.  His announcements were personable and fun and he always ended with a quick BYE-BYE which the entire ship picked up on and began saying daily.  He was humorous about the weather or as much as you can be about rain - like you think I want to be driving this big ship through a rain storm?  He was all over the ship and I would venture to bet he met every single passenger at one time or another. We were invited but didn't attend the Skywalker Lounge cocktail parties but heard he was quite fun there as well.

There were only a handful of well behaved children on board and two toddlers would jump into his arms when they spotted him. He had just said good morning to them and I approached and said "Me too?" and he extended his arms as tho to catch me mid air.  My husband said, Don't do that - I did and I've been stuck with her for 40 years since... Great great personality that made everybody on board feel special.