As an avid cruiser as you indicate you are with 7+ cruises behind you, I would think you would know to research the three cabins to assure they were close prior to booking. I usually do this when on the phone booking the cruise. That is unless you booked guarantee in which case there are NO guarantee the cabins would be together, only that they would be in the same booking category you purchased. Heck, with guarantee booking you would be lucky if the 3 cabins were on the same deck!! When I am promised On-Board credit, one of the first things I do go to customer service and confirm the credit is on my account. I also bring paper proof from the booking agent of the proposed credit. As for the food, as a Chef myself I understand how difficult it is to feed multiples of people at one time but there is no excuse for the poor presentation of the plates that show in your pictures. I was always told "if you wouldn't eat it looking like that, don't send it out". And I sure would not eat this stuff with the way it looks.