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MARCH 30, 2016

When Corey Patterson heard about the terrorist attacks in Brussels last week, he had a clear-cut response to people who asked if he was going to cancel a coming trip to Belgium.

“That’s exactly what the terrorists want, so absolutely not,” Mr. Patterson, 45, said on Twitter.

He’s in the Netherlands now, visiting a former roommate and his family, and will head to Belgium in a few days.

“Anything can happen anywhere at any time,” Mr. Patterson, a Texas resident, said through messages on Twitter. “You can’t stop living life, and this world is worth seeing, so I chose to do it.”

He’s not alone.

“Americans especially seem to be fairly resilient and do not panic and cancel trips, unless perhaps they are traveling in the next few days,” Jennifer Michels Jones, vice president of communications for the American Society of Travel Agents, said in an email.

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