Saw a totally different handling of the "rules" on recent Princess cruise on Royal meaning they were actually ENFORCED which was a delight. Here are examples:

  • Smoking on no-smoking night in Casino strictly prohibited
  • Waiting on stairs to disembark too early not allowed
  • Unattended chaise lounges had items removed after an hour and a half - towel clips and all; items taken to lost and found. Deck attendant said that early chair reservers who were not really using chairs until noon but reserving at 8 am were no longer tolerated.
  • Boisterous activity by children at pool was stopped - no diving no running enforced.
  • Deck Hands were actually monitoring and controlling the decks which also included better beverage service for iced tea, lemonade and water which is free.

I thought it was a fluke on the first leg of the cruise but same behaviour continued on cruise 2 and 3. One could say the Royal runs a tight ship.