Sorry for your disappointment in the Unlimited soda package but this issue is not just related to Princess Cruise Lines. Of the 4 lines I have sailed, it is all done the same way with fountain soda and glasses of water as opposed to cans or bottles with the package. The cruise lines only care that you are paid in full 70 - 90 prior to sail date, paying it upfront has no bearing. The only way to get extra amenities like you explain is to be a past guest (tier system) and with the more cruises you do with a certain line, the more amenities you get. The nickle & diming of extras offered onboard are optional. Although cruises include many free amenities, they are not "All-Inclusive". Cruising is a learning experience as you see. I am glad you enjoyed your cruise to some extreme. You will see with the more cruises you do, that what you have experienced in the past will help to make future cruise planning easier.