After 4-6 cruises they‚ should know to check out what is important to them. There are no cruises that have everything for everybody. Just reading a few reviews would show you that this line caters to people who are not into parting all day everyday while onboard. It is unfortunate that you did not everything ‚ you wanted. I love this line for the very reason you did not. Some people say my life is boring but I set things up, including cruising, for what is important to me. Some people may not like the rest of this sentence, I am happy I do not have drunks knocking on my door in the middle of the night by accident, never had anyone throw up in the hot tub with this line, have never heard anyone swearing while talking about their conquest from the night before. All of these things have happened on "party ships" I have been on and the majority of the people just laughed about it. Give me boring over party anytime.