I agree there was too much gourmet food, this was my first time cruising and I too would like have seen a bit more average food choices. Where was the spaghetti and meat balls and burritos? I too heard a lot of complaining about the lack of midship elevators, I just ignored the complaining and dealt with this.

My major complaint was the art auction I went to. I know now I will definitely not go to another one. The auctioneer which I greatly enjoyed listening to during his talks previous to the auction was nothing more than a salesman. Trained well to pull you into buying art that were "not" always originals". But merely pieces of art you can buy at any home store for a small price. I feel bad for anyone who has gotten fooled! I have been a graphic artist for the last 30 years. My advice is to do your research before you fall into his game. Go if you want to be entertained by a con artist. One last note, sitting up front directly to the left of this fellow we watched him run his fingers across a " $500.00 " painting, something you never do if you understand how you treat art!