Cracker Jack had GOOD prizes ?

Jelly jars had cartoon characters on them ?

You would get your mom to buy cereal you didn't like, because you wanted the license plate that was inside ?

A little baking soda would make the submarine dive and surface in the tub ?

You could get someone on the playground to swallow a whole packet of Pop Rocks?

You would leave a layer of skin on the hot metal slide ?

Seatbelts only went either around your lap, or under the seat ?

Boontonware was in everyone's kitchen ?     Google it

You would look through the Green / Plaid Stamp catalogue hoping you had enough ?

7-11 was only open from 7 til 11?  And we would comment on how no one could possible need something at 10:30 at night.

Blue Laws ( New Jersey still has them in some areas )

Radios with only AM dials

78 rpm records

You had to bring vacuum tubes to the store and test them yourself to see which one needed replacing.

You WERE the remote control for the tv ?  And it only had 7 channels ( not counting UHF )

Charles Chips delivered those cans full of snacks ? ( possibly a Jersey thing )

Seltzer came in coloured glass bottles, with nozzles.





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