We cruised on the Regent Seven Seas Mariner two years ago on a Mediterranean cruise.  The itinerary,  ship, service and food were wonderful.  Luxury all the way.  However things went downhill on our San Francisco/Alaska cruise May 8, 2016. Itinerary, Shore Excursions,  room attendant were great.  It ended there. Mixup boarding ship, left to fend for ourselves,  rudely turned away at pier made to wait with no assistance from Regent.  Very little  decent food and/or service in  restaurants. Poorly trained wait staff  no cleared tables  had to sit at tables waiting for them to be cleared.  Prime Seven served a very tough Port House steak   I think it was utility grade non-aged beef, complained but did no good , even tougher veal, crab cakes soggy with very little,  if any crab  wait staff banged into chair many times.  It was explained to me that Regent was put tall their trained people on the new ship that was to be launched shorly and this was now a train ship. When we arrived home we immediately cancelled our 25 day, $35,000 January 2017 cruise boarding in Auckland, would have done it on board if the internet worked on the ship. We filled out the forms provided by Regent and vented our complaints.  Regent contacted us and explained that it was an anomaly due to Regent expanding and that we should be  assured that will not become the norm and we should rebook our cruise and we would be pleased,  he was sure of it. He offered us $500 each off the $35,000 as an incentive.  I told him that was insulting.