So, if I understand correctly, you are attributing your 3 star rating on the weather? I'm sorry but it doesn't work that way. Since you have sailed in the past, I'm sure you understand that weather can play a major factor in sea conditions. Of all the cruises I have been on where tenders were used, they were never "Lifeboats". They are private boats hired by the cruise line to charter passengers back and forth to the ship. There are many ports that do not cater to docking and in most situations, it is due to shallow water at the port or for environmental concerns (Coral reefs). All of the ports on any cruise can be scene by viewing the itinerary for that cruise.  It will indicate if any of the ports are tender ports. Many of the private islands owned by cruise lines are tender ports. I'm sorry you were disappointed but remember, the weather and the sea dictate docking or anchoring. The cruise line has little to say about either.