I might be missing something, but is HAL eliminating refrigerators in most of the staterooms in their newest ships? I was going through the deck plans on their 2016 Koingsdam and couldn't find a mention anywhere of refrigerators in cabins under the Visa and Neptune class suites. The predominate cabin with a balcony on this ship is their Veranda Suite, which is basically a mini-suite, similar to the Princess mini-suite in their newest ships, except no refrigerators on HAL. The next level down for Princess is the balcony cabin which has no sofa, but Princess does provide refrigerators.


After inquiring around a little I noticed some complaining over no refrigerators, just ice buckets due to medications needing refrigeration etc.   Someone mentioned that HAL doesn't have refrigerators in the Eurodam either with the exception of Neptune Class and up suites. So I checked that out, true, doesn't look like the Eurodam has any Visa class suites, either.


One time before when I was looking into ships of another line, Oceania, I mistakenly thought they didn't have refrigerators in their smaller balcony cabins either, I misread their deck plans though, Oceania, faithful straightened me out in short order. Told me to read the literature not just look at the "pretty pictures". I certainly don't want to make that mistake again. 


But if this happens to be true, with HAL, is it evidence of further dilution of the cruise experience? I only know about Princess and Regent and Princess is providing refrigerators in all their new ships. Unfortunately, Carnival has put long time HAL CEO, Stein Kruse, in charge of the newly formed entity, Holland America Group, which includes Princess, so those ships have now been moved under his command, meaning the HAL refrigerator abolishment had to occur on Kruse's watch.


Is this happening on other new ships elsewhere?