Okay newbies.  You're excited. It's your first cruise. You've done all the research you can so you can best enjoy your vacation.  And you will. However, let me remind you, a ship is a floating hotel, and your home for the week has been occupied every day of the year, for several years, by other families.  Now, the stewards that clean them, do a good job, considering their workloads.  But, you can do better. So, to help possibly avoid things like the dreaded Norovirus, allow me to teach you how to prep your cabin, before you unpack your clothes.

In your carry on, preferably in an outside pocket, you shoul have a lighted, full page magnifier.  Before you open any luggage, take the magnifier, lift the corners of the sheets, and look for brown spots, and / or tiny bugs.  If you see any, find your steward and show him. If you can't find one, call the front desk.    This is very rare, but can happen.    If your mattress is clean, put your carry on onto the bed protector.

Now, in your carry on, you should have the following: rubber gloves, Clorox wipes, Lysol spray.  The wipes can be repacked into Ziplock bags to conserve space. I recommend double bagging though.   First.....glove up.......now, grab some Clorox wipes, and have at it.   Don't forget the outside door knob. Very important......the tv remote and the phone.  Wipe every surface, including the drawers.   Wipe the books on the desk.  Wipe the safe.  EVERYTHING SHOULD BE WIPED.  Now, the bathroom.  Keep those wipes handy.  You can now spray the shower with Lysol.  Do the curtain, the shower floor, the toilet.....speaking of which, take a couple of wipes, and do the underside of the rim.   Disgusting yes, but very necessary. You may have to do this a couple of times..  

Oh, move the towels, and wipe the towel bars.  Toss everything into the trash.

If the steward should happen to see you, just tell him, nothing personal, but you travel a lot and this is one of your hang ups.


Congratulations.  Now, when your luggage arrives, you'll know your clothes are going into clean drawers and onto clean shelves.


enjoy your trip