okay, I read, sort of, that e mail about bringing other restaurants on board ships.  I am guessing someone thought of that while you went to lunch at the Shake Shack in Bryant Park.   I'm surprised someone didn't suggest the Heartland Brewery.  Isn't that the place across the street in the ESB ?    Or how about Peanut Butter & co down on Sullivan St ? What would be better on a cruise than a grilled peanut butter/banana/bacon sandwich ?  How about Reviving the Stage Deli on the Breakaway ?     I would rather see Juniors Cheesecake than that Cake Guy stuff they have on board now.    

How about a new gift shop ?  I vote for a version of Pasteurs Apothecary over on 34th.(?) While the women buy jewelry in the boutiques, men can shop for shaving supplies. Just a thought.


for those that don't understand this post, you have to realize, it's a NYC thing.