So RCI launched some "new" but really revamped drink packages. They essentially got rid of 2 lower alcohol packages and have one "deluxe" package and is offering 2 refreshment packages.... 

You can see the comparisons here:


Well I was curious because I booked under the old packages... The one I got for the BF (Premium) will be bumped up to the new deluxe (which is cheaper than the deluxe package right out) and then my Ultimate package is a lateral switch to the Deluxe package... I did some math and they are running a better deal so I was able to have them cancel my old package and book the new one for a savings of about $25 (every dollar counts for me!)


I also inquired about the other packages and they said if you had booked the beer/wine package, they will honor it, so it is good news for anyone who already booked it, bad news for those that did not. 


All in all, another positive experience with Customer Service with RCI!