Floyd asks: I have traveled with Holland America and love it. I am a retired minister and on our new England trip we had a chaplain do worship, How does one become a chaplain on a cruise?


Thanks for your question, Floyd. Many of the cruise lines only employ clergy onboard for major holidays, but there are exceptions.

When they do need to staff a religious leader, most lines work with an organization called Apostleship of the Sea to place Roman Catholic chaplains onboard:  http://www.aos-usa.org/store/pg/40-About-the-Cruise-Ship-Priest-Program-clone.aspx

Additionally, many cruise lines turn to Compass Speakers Bureau for onboard clergy when the need arises: http://www.compassspeakers.com/categories.html

Generally, these types of arrangements include the cruise line covering your basic cruise fare, but minimal (if any) pay or transportation reimbursement. If you're willing to minister as a volunteer on a voyage where you've paid your own fare, Princess cruises offers a "Volunteer Clergy" program onboard: http://www.princess.com/employment/onboard_employment/information/entertainment/info/enrichment_lecturers.html. No pre-approval or pre-arrangements are necessary, just present the necessary documentation to the guest services desk once onboar and if your services are needed, they will engage with you. Best wishes in finding a placement!