This seems to be the way the cruise industry is going.   Lower prices are offset by more passengers.  They are catering to people who have never cruised, and people who work while on vacation ( hence the  wifi networks always being improved upon ).   At risk ?   Those of us who remember what it was like when a cruise was a luxury.   The service, the food, the attractions.   Live shows are being replaced with movies at sea.  Bigger water attractions are attracting larger families.  Fewer stewards to attend to our cabins.

I have read on another site, how Carnival is cutting back on all kinds of services ( the latest being once a day cabin makeup ) but all the loyalists are sticking with them because of price.  REALLY ?  You're willing to spend money, albeit less money, on a cruise that is substandard ?   Can someone please explain that logic ! 

Other than an exotic cruise, I don't see my cruise history extending too much longer.  Even the ports have gotten worse.  Trampled might be a better word.

Is there an RV show coming up ?  I might have to check those out again.  If I want to get away from my town, I may have to drive.  I won't cruise with 5000 other passengers.  I'd have to reserve a lounge chair at 3am Wink.