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Hey everybody, I am so happy to hear that cruising (fingers crossed) will start in mid-July. But does anybody else have an issue with giving private information of a medical nature to a third party to exercise your rights to freedom of movement? I feel that the Gov't is trying to get around a vaccine passport by co-erceing big business to do it for them.

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Of all the things folks with time and dough can do on this planet, cruising has to be up near the top. Some folks around me have NEVER cruised...mostly because they can't afford it...some have, once in a GREAT while....I'm sure they think we're filthy rich, and certifiable. If someone wants to see proof we've been vaccinated, fine, even though its easy enough to dummy up a card. (That "honor system" is a joke asa it came out of their mouths..) But I digress....

Yeh...YOU might never get it, or never even know you have it...or worse, infect someone who DIES from it...but YOU won't know would you? Course there's no way to track it with anything close to accuracy, but it begs the question of just how many people out of the half-million plus who died, and those who suffer long lasting effects had your wonders what their surviving families would say about Mom or Dad who died from it because they REFUSED to be told what to do..and are now pushing up daisies.

But it really doesn't matter, because there are CLEARLY way more people who will NEVER get the shots, for whatever reason, than those who elected to get the jab.

I recall twice, over our many years of cruising, where yellow fever shots were required and we had to show evidence of yellow fever injections, when only a single country out of a dozen or so required such. In both cases, no vaccination, no boarding of the vessel, period, was allowed, even though the guest intended to remain on board throughout the visit. Both times there was a limited amount of consternation voiced. But not because of any ideological hysteria but the high cost of the shots. The first time, all we could locate was a place that wanted 250 bucks per.

Personally, I'm not cruising unless 100% on board are vaccinated. With the exception of the very few who obtain dispensation due health reasons preventing them from receiving such. Ports in states which regulate against cruise lines mandating proof of vaccinations, will be on my shun list. I hope my home state, Alaska, isn't going to be guilty of that, but at this point our governor is so whippy, no one, including himself, are certain what he wants to do. But, as Yankee mentions, the future of cruising regarding Covid 19 may not be so rosy due so many not getting "jabbed".

"More than 47 percent of people in the United States have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, according to the "Our World in Data" project at Oxford University. In the United Kingdom, the figure is 54 percent, and in Germany, nearly 38 percent."

"Experts have warned that — aside from the humanitarian aspect — the global inequity in vaccinations can affect wealthier countries that have vaccinated significant portions of their populations. If the virus is allowed to run rampant anywhere, it could allow the emergence of a new variant that may evade vaccines."

"Poor countries of the world, the low- and middle-income countries of the world,” Dr. Reingold said, “are going to have to wait longer to come anywhere close to the kind of vaccination coverage that we’ve achieved in some of the wealthier countries.”

"But only 10 percent of people in India have received a dose of the vaccine. Just over 1 percent of people in Honduras have received a shot, and less than 1 percent have been at least partially vaccinated in Somalia."

Tell that to someone with loved ones in a nursing home---

My plan is to just show my vaccination card.

I have to disagree. Business, employers, and even countries implement mandates all the time and then you make a "choice" if you want to work there, visit there, or give them your business. I choose to get the vaccine for my well being and those around me, and yes so I can then travel...But no one made me.

I think long before they started vaccinating everyone with an experimental drug that has yet to be approved, they should be making people aware of the Nuenburg Code of Ethics. Sure we know about the short term of the vaccines but no one knows what the long term affects will be.

While sitting for over an hour waiting to be vaccinated, I read the material on the Moderna vaccine and it clearly stated the vaccine doesn't prevent you from getting the virus but it can lessen the affects on possibly preventing death or hospitalization in the ICU.

Yeah, and Johnson & Johnson (and Dr. Fauci) "spun" the efficacy of their vaccine by stating that "although it was only around 65% effective (my reckoning) at preventing a person from contracting the coronavirus, it was 100% effective at preventing death by the disease". In other words, no one in their clinical trials died of Covid. I don't know, but to me that sounds like the bar is being lowered.

Anyway, that's just my opinion. I am not a scientist or a doctor, just a member of the "great unwashed" who longs to get back on a ship.

Was going to type another rant, but its pointless...cyber is a grand place for every conspiracy theory anyone wants to post...and if a frog had wings it wouldn't bump its a-s. Without those vaccines, we'd all be posting more stuff instead of actually planning to cruise, at least it looks that way now. That is those of us who may have been left...

I'm not sure who exactly was supposed to approve those so-called "experimental" vaccines that would satisfy people...the proof is in the current statistics...and what the projections would have been without those vaxxs. I'm not sure who was supposed to do all this educating..alot of Americans, including me, start off suspicious of virtually ANYTHING SAM does..including publishing "statistics".. .its enough the stuff is out there...although it now seems in our infinite "we know better" wisdom, tens of thousands of doses will be disposed of as "expired", unused.......

I love that term "great unwashed"...been using it for years...and yeh I know where it came from..I know we were related in a different life...

You don’t have medical information on your card. I am fully vaccinated and I have my card to prove it.


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