I am planning to take my wife on her first cruise this year to coincide (more or less) with our anniversary, November 30th.  As this is my wife's first cruise, I am planning on taking her to the Caribbean.  Originally I was looking at this sailing with Princess cruises:  



Originally I had thought to get a balcony cabin.  But now I'm thinking that if we can handle an inside cabin I could afford to go on a longer trip like this one:




What do you think?  Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome. 


Some more information about what we are looking for.  

We have three kids, but they aren't coming with us on this trip.  We are in our mid- to late-thirties, and my wife in particular is interested in a relaxing trip as opposed to exiting/chaotic.  I think things like robot bartenders and skydiving wind tunnels are cool, but my wife isn't really into it.  Thus I am looking at at cruise lines that skew away from a younger crowd, whether that be kids or just adults who act like kids.  ;)


The last time I was on a cruise ship there were no "specialty restaurants".  We are looking forward to trying some, and I hope the ship we choose makes this worthwhile.  


On-board entertainment is important, shows, music, etc. We will probably do some dancing.  Jenn will probably want to take advantage of the spa services.  


Hmmm...  I can't think of anything else to add at the moment.  If anyone has any questions I will be happy to answer them. 


Thanks in advance.