Here are just a few of my river cruise photos - boat & photos from the boat.

Our boat, Vantage River Discovery II in port

Stateroom door with the poster that I made for the cruise

Here's our boat going under a bridge.  Sometimes the sun deck must close when the bridge is too low - luckily not for this bridge.

Our boat in Chalon Sur Saone - What a view!  There was a Hot air balloon Fest at night and balloons flew over the city as we dined.

Chateaubriand for dinner one night in the Compass Rose Restaurant.- food was very good on board.

A Chateau that we passed while sailing down the river.  We saw sights like this all along the voyage.

A simple dessert choice one night of fresh fruit slices - notice the artistic presentation.  OK this was not my choice but my husband's choice.  Thought you would enjoying seeing the presentation, though.

Here we are in a lock and the doors are opening to permit us to exit the lock.  We went through 14 locks - everyone of them an adventure not to be missed.  Alright one was in the middle of the night.  I did not go outside for it.

View from the boat as we are about to sail under still another bridge.

Our boat approaching a lock.

A view of a town along the river as we sailed from Macon to Lyon, France.

Another chateau along the river.  It was quite a picturesque sailing.

A street in Macon taken at night as we sailed past.  This is how close we were to the towns we passed.

Our stateroom #307 basically just like the stateroom on the previous Vantage boat.

Strawberry Cheesecake for dessert.  Again, notice the artistic presentation.  It was almost too pretty to eat but eat it I did.

We saw a plethora of white swans all along the river.  This is my favorite photo of just one of them.

Tournus, France where we docked overnight.  Photo was taken from the ship.

Still another stunning view from our boat as we sailed to Lyon, France