The end of every week's email features several submitted photographs , most of which are the expected sunset /sunrise views off the bow/stern of the ship or, the by now, trite towel toys.  The most recent email features two photos I find disturning on several levels as they feature passengers interacting inappropriatel with wildlife. Specifically a man "kissing" a ray in the water and  a woman cuddling what appears to be a very small (baby?) Monkey.  Photos such as these send the wrong message regarding our relationship and place in their world and  encourage others to do the same.  Many people  view the opportunity to interact with exotic creatures  as an extension of a "petting zoo" which it is not. Thesecare wild animals deserving of a modicum of respect for them in their natural state.

I strongly encourage the editors of this form to not print or publish such photos....stick to the sunrises and  towel toys!