this is a recurring problem on many websites.  Someone creates a profile, comes to the forum, asks a question, and you never see them again.   Until they have another question of course.


Look, I don't care how many questions you ask. If I can answer it I will.  If I need to look something up regarding my answer, I will.   One question can easily garner several answers from people willing to help.  But if you ask a question, and receive an answer / or answers, could you please come back and acknowledge the response.  If for no other reason to assure us we didn't waste our time.



Someone recently asked about Plus Sized Interior cabins on NCL.  They received several answers, including a couple from me, but they never came back to say anything.   A simple thank you would be nice.


Someone asked about decorating doors on RCCL.  Okay, granted, I was jerking the poster around a bit, but others did give concise answers.  Now, the poster did come back, and I tried to engage them in the thread, but they disappeared.


So please, newbies, let the people who helped you know you appreciate the effort.