Wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what, if anything more, I can do about it. 

My Husband and I booked, and paid in full, a cruise on NCL.  We booked on NCL.com. and selected a "free" ultimate beverage package ($168 service charge.. lol "free") of 5 options.  We booked a balcony cabin.  My Sister/Brother in law called and spoke to Rep. and My sister asked "What can you do for me to book this cruise." (I guess I was naïve in just booking on line and not asking this very simple yet powerful question lol.) So, She booked an inside state room for $700+ less than us and they offered her two "free" choices .. she chose the excursion and internet packages.  She was also "upgraded" to luxury mattress/pillows (What the heck is that all about???)

I called NCL customer service and was told "Sorry, you already paid for your cruise in full so there is nothing I can do for you... I don't have the authorization." 

My thought was "Oh, so you already have me in bed and screwed me so you don't have to bother courting me anymore... I see"   

What is your opinions... I am going to have a great time ... I guess the few times I have expressed unhappiness, customer service usually falls over themselves to make things right... It's not over a $150 but the principal I guess.  What can I do differently...or does it matter?   Hope to get some opinions even if you don't agree...

Thanks for listening.