I took so many tips on what to pack and things that would really help me. Things that I think did help a little was the over the door shoe hanger, but I think that actually took up a lot of hall space and due to the towel hangers on the inside of the bathroom there was no way to get it out of the way. I was thinking a good alternative would be one of those collapsing bins. This is for your tanning lotion, hair spray/products, and all the extras that fall with the waves. I took my own beach towel, total waste of space, they provided them. I took a lot of curling irons and such thinking I would be doing extra things with my hair, but turns out when it comes time to do it you just want to do it. I think keeping it simple was easier for me, anyway. I just didn't want to spend 45 min on my hair when I could be having fun. With our phones not being used much and very little other things to plug in we didn't need a power strip, but I could see how others would. I think if you just take inventory of what you are packing and think to yourself I will only have a few things to plug in then maybe you won't need the power strip.  I wish we would have had a fan. It seemed at night it got a little warm in the room. I don't typically have problems with that but I sure did on the ship.  So are there other people who overpacked and found things they could have done without?