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Since cruise lines make a lot of profit on alcoholic drinks, I find it odd to read so many complaints about poor or slow service at bars or around pools. Have you experienced slow service ordering drinks on board?

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On the Miracle there were some areas in Horatio's where the people coming around with drink orders were few and far between at times.

It amuses me to read reports of passengers not finding anybody coming around with a drinks service.Without putting too fine a point on the matter, unless you are disabled, what is the problem in getting up from your chair or sun bed and going to the bar yourself. Just because you are on holiday does not mean you turn into being lazy.

When on vacation, we have an expectation of being served. Vacation is different than when at a local establishment and bellying up to the bar is the order of the day. It has nothing at all to do on being lazy and more to do with wanting to relax and let someone tend to our needs (for a change)... and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

That said, we do not drink alcohol and (as a matter of fact) have physical disability challenges. More often than we care to remember while on recent cruises, one of us has had to go to the bar or has had to stand up to find wait staff and hail them over to our table to order to mocktail.

In previous years there seemed to be no shortage of wait staff making the rounds at the multiple venues beckoning guests with calls of "drinks, drinks" or pushing a cart of pre-made drinks of the day. The continual emphasis for more and more alcohol consumption was a bit much.

If I had to hazard a guess, the guest comments included more than a few pertaining to over-zealous bar wait staff (akin to photographers popping out at every corner). This may have resulted in the lines backing off the number of circulating wait staff. Those comments, coupled with cuts in crew positions, are likely at the root of the too-few-waitstaff issue. Unfortunately, it seems the pendulum swung too far in the opposite direction. As more comments about the lack of waitstaff begin to appear in surveys perhaps a few more crew positions will be allocated to bar wait staff again.

Guess I will add my 2 cents worth on this one, and this is frankly my own opinion and certainly not a slight to anyone. I was brought up that when you want something bad enough, you get off your butt and get it, LOL. Or at least that is the lesson that my mother instilled in us.

That being said, yes we are on vacation and if a waiter/bartender or whomever walks by, I would certainly order a drink from them, however, if I am thirsty enough, I will drag myself out of the pool, off my lounger or out of my seat and go grab a frosty one.

Like I have said in previous posts, it all boils down to our expectation levels and frankly, I am not of the opinion that I need to be catered to 24/7, however if it is there, I will certainly utilize the service but not complain about it if it takes too long.

Well, I agree that if the waiters are insufficient enough in numbers or in enthusiasm then I get out of the hot tub and order my own. Normally I don't even do that, I just go without.

On the other hand, it would seem logical that the crew could see their way clear to offer a little service occasionally, after all, on a luxury cruise we sometimes pay over $800.00 average per day per person.

On each of our cruises, I have made it a point to find the one guy/girl on the wait staff that will be our guy/girl for the cruise. On each cruise we have a few minutes to chat with the person to find out if they are around in the evening and where, and during the day are they at the pool area, that kind of information. We then make them a deal. I will never be without a cold beer when I give them the nod, and my wife has her froo-froo drinks when she gives them the nod. We have NOT, ever, never... been let down at all. On our last 7 day to Bermuda with our Son and his friend, we found out guy in Mohammed. It was worth the chat at the first meeting to have this guy.

On my next cruise, we will find our server of choice as well.

I have noticed that the bar waiters seem to be a disappearing breed, however if I cannot get up and get my own drink, then I've probably had too many anyway.

(This is only as it applies to me. I realize that there are many who are unable to easily get up to get to the bar that require a waiter, and this post in no way was meant to disparage them).

Then again, JohnGold seems to have the right idea --I've found that an occasional dollar per drink ensures over-the-top service. And sometimes, just friendly conversation will do.

This doesn't make sense to me.

On the cruise lines we use there is an auto 15% gratuity on drinks. So if I throw in another buck for a $10.00 drink that makes $2.50. A quarter of the price of the drink. It seems to me that the auto gratuity would be enough of an incentive. Of course, I like to strike up a relationship with them as well.

I realize that the percentage is high on the "dollar system", however for me, it seems reasonable. No different than leaving a dollar tip at a restaurant for a $5.00 breakfast -- when you consider the wait staff at a restaurant is being paid better than the ship's bar staff.


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