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One night heading back to our cabin, I passed this couple in the hallway. Nothing obscene, but they were quite cuddly. We all said hey and I kept moving. The next day on Lido, I saw the guy and was about to greet him again...until I realized the lady he was with wasn't the one he was feeling up the night before. We locked eyes, I could tell he remembered me from the hallway, it was quite awkward. 


On another cruise, I went to the pool bar for a refill. While waiting I start talking to Susan, who was a little down. She explained that she was on the cruise with her girlfriend, her girlfriend's husband, and the girlfriend's parents  Surprised. Yes, I wanted to ask about their sleeping arrangements, but restrained myself. It seems her girlfriend was spending time with the hubby, so she felt left out. Who wants to see someone unhappy on a cruise? So I sat, had my refill (maybe 2) and we had a nice conversation going with the bartender. She's telling me about the issues with the girlfriend and all.  Fast forward to after dinner, our group (DH & 2 other couples) go up to look at the cruise photos and what do we see?  A photo of Susan, her girlfriend, and the girlfriend's husband! On the morning of debarkment, we go for breakfast, grab a table and guess who sits down next to us? Yep! Susan and the whole clan. She looked around, happened to lock eyes with me, and...I could have bought her for a nickel. LOL!

Have you had any awkward moments? Do you speak, nod, say hi? or just keep it moving? 



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Never been faced with a situation like this, but I would have to keep it moving. If my mouth starts running, it takes a few sentences for my brain to engage. It would get real awkward real quick Surprised

I haven't come across it on a cruise but have in real life. Many years ago, we spotted a fellow we knew out for an evening in a lounge with a woman who wasn't his wife. The look on his face was priceless when we stopped to chat at their table. Busted!

Not with others.... some of our favorite stories have the awkward situation..

We met three lovely single girls on the airplane headed to the cruise. They were first time cruisers and we had several cruises under our belts by then. They were fun and seemed to enjoy this "older" couple giving them pointers. Fast forward to dinner (before your time dining). Our table was a mix of folks, two guys from Canada, a single gal from Michigan (her traveling companion backed out at the last minute), a couple in their 30's from Florida, a couple that complained about everything and only drank wine from France (we called them the whiners) and us. When the photographer came by to take the couple photos he got confused after taking our picture when he came upon the single female (we'll call her Sue) at the table siting next to my DH. Being the sweetheart that he is, he leaned over, put his arm around her and smiled... so the photographer snapped the pic. (BTW: she bought the picture). So fast forward again, she was on our excursion to the Tulum ruins and as we were leaving to catch our bus the next bus shows up for their tour and on it were our three friends from the plane.... they come running up to ask the DH to take their photo next to something and he runs off with them to do so. Sue turns to me and says, "where are they going with our husband?" The folks nearby gave us the strangest looks.Love

AuntPinkie, that's a great story. Thanks for the chuckle.

I pretty much live by minding my own business and don't bother me and I wont bother you.

...but I like to bother people! That is one of the reasons why I work at the Renaissance Festival ....I get paid to bother people.

I've got the same problem keywest has. One time when the kids were little we all went to Hawaii on a group charter from our town here. A number of organizations were involved but only knew a few of the folks caused I worked with them. We all stayed in a Polynesian style hotel, we were coming back from an early dinner and some were having drinks in a second floor room. They yelled down and invited us up. There was a young couple there as well as her parents, the young guy and her mother worked for the same outfit. At some point we were introduced to the young couple. It turned out I knew his family well, his father worked for mine and had taught me how to fly when I was seventeen. I remembered him when he was a toddler. So, we talked a few minutes about the old days then I blurted out, well, when did you two get married? A hush fell across the room. Wife was pissed cause I have a loud voice. Anyway, about a week later her father came by and said "hey Ken, you can ask the kids when they got married now". They were married in a private ceremony that afternoon. The next day they had a dinner reception and we were invited.

On time a group did a Las Vegas trip, the ladies went to the spa so the men were hanging out in a bar. The next booth was full of "Working girls" One of the guys that was kind of a jerk asked the girls how much, then he asked what could he get for $ 50.00....... She said "For 50 all you'll get is a dog". The next day everyone was going to dinner walking through the resort and saw the same working girl, she looked rite at him and said "told you so!"

Can't say I've had that really awkward moment on a cruise. But I like these stories!

During a shared dinner table one evening on this last cruise, a gentleman began spewing how much he hated the ship, the staff, the dinner, etc etc. My husband was in an unusually good mood and while normally has zero tolerance for negativity, he tried to salvage the table conversation by saying Well surely your are enjoying the company of your lovely wife ... to which she said "I'm not married to this jerk and I can't wait to get off this damn ship either!"

All righty then, moving on - let's get back to hemorrhoids and foot fungus ...


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