WOW!!! I was on the sailing prior to yours (May 21st to the 28th) and our experience was TOTALLY different. A couple things to point out, the reason the grats are higher for suites are because the cabins are much larger than say an OVB (Ocean View Balcony) so YES, the Steward does have more to clean. That is also why the Suite cabins are more expensive.‚  The Oasis is a mere 7 years old but do you realize that in those 7 years, almost 2 MILLION passengers have graced her gangways? We always pre-pay our grats‚  so we never see them again. Who is RCB? Did you mean RCCL? The Oasis has 24 elevators (12 forward & 12 Aft) and except when shows got out or on embarkation day, we never experienced full elevators. But that is common on any ship. But to say they are over crowded 80% of the time...sorry but not so much!‚  I will agree with your opinion of the Windjammer though, especially the breakfast options.‚  As for the mattresses, yes they do have an egg crate, foam cover but my wife and I had a better sleep on them than we do at home. I know this is your opinion as this reply is mine. It sounds to me that you may be better with a higher priced cruise line like Seabourn! They have smaller ships, smaller passenger loads and are 3 times the price.