When you book a cruise through an agent not affiliated with the cruise line, there are two steps in ensuring you get what is promised. About 24 to 48 hours after your cruise is booked, you need to visit the cruise line websites "My Account" page, sign in (in your case it would have been the RCCL website) and view any credits posted to your account. If they are not listed, you need to contact your agent and ask why they are not posted. Even if the credit(s) are shown on the cruise lines page, you should re-visit the page every once in awhile to make sure the credit(s) stay on your account.  You may also want to print out a copy of your account from the cruise lines webpage to take with you in case there are any issues once you get onboard. If you can print out verification from your agent (contract) that you were entitled to the $150 OBC and mail a copy with a letter to the Royal Caribbean Corporate address, you may find that they will either reverse $150 back to credit card you used or give you a $150 credit to use on your next cruise with them. Seeing to how the most obvious reasons for your dissatisfaction with this cruise was due to the agent, I don't feel it is fair to give the ship or RCCL a 1 star rating in your review.