Thank you for posting your review.  I am glad that it was a mostly positive experience for you.  

To your comment, "The only compliant/issue I had is with the supervisor/manager of Photo (female, blonde South African). She was very rude and a displeasure to deal with", I trust it did not sour your entire cruise but understand that it put a damper on your overall experience.

The area of customer service really seems to challenge cruise lines today.  The multi-national composition of the crew seems to exacerbate the problems with language and custom barriers (and I don't mean border customs but rather the manner in which certain cultures behave or interact). We cruise regularly and our experiences include a similar storyline as you shared in this review.  Some people come across as curt or haughty. As a result, the Service, or in some instances the Disservice, Desk is our least favorite place to be on most cruise ships... and what a shame is that?
Cruise line representatives here - please take note.  This issue is real and needs to be addressed.