Great, concise review. I always enjoy reading a review that can get to the point without banter. You have touched on two points that I have always considered as to why I won't cruise on ships this big. When the Oasis was launched in 2008 boasting about how it holds 5400 passengers, that sent up a red flag for me. As a chef, I couldn't fathom feeding that many passengers a quality product. When I first began cruising back in 1990, there were no specialty restaurants. All passengers enjoyed their meals in the main dining room(s). Required attire was at least business casual and you would be refused entrance if you were under-dressed. It seems the cruise lines have pointed more towards their specialty dining options and concentrated less on their main dining rooms over the years for no other reason but to make more money. I find myself sticking to the 2000 to 3000 passenger ships. Thanks for the great review.