WAIT....You were informed you had to be onboard by 11pm on day one and you bought a plane ticket that had you arrive at the airport at 10:50pm? 10 minutes prior to final boarding?  How is this CruisesOnly's fault? YOU booked the flight. So you feel that arriving at the airport 10 minutes before FINAL boarding was OK? It takes longer than 10 minutes to get your luggage at the airport!! It takes longer than 10 minutes to go through port check-in even if the terminal is empty! Booking with NCL has NO control over the time you book your flight so regardless, the outcome would have been the same. NCL decides the FINAL boarding time of 11pm, NOT CruisesOnly! Anyone that has been on 7+ cruises as you state you have been, would know PLANNING to arrive at the airport 10 minutes prior to final boarding time if the ship is nothing but REALLY poor planning. We have used CruisesOnly for 25 years and have NEVER had an issue with them. We ALWAYS receive an initial statement emailed to us starting right after booking then a new one updated every time we made a payment.Next time you want to throw money away...give me a call!!