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None smoking in a smoking ship.

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Where did you ever get the impression that the Sky (or ANY ships within any of the major cruise lines fleet) are non-smoking??? The last time Carnival tried to introduce a non-smoking ship (The Carnival Paradise), it failed and they changed it. How many of the past 7+ cruise ships have you sailed that were non-smoking??? ALL cruise ships have designated smoking areas so the whole ship wasn't a smoking area!

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I have never heard of a non-smoking cruise. Like CruiinTim stated, the one time it was tried it failed. Now, since you have sailed before, according to your review, where did you see the notion that this cruise was non smoking? I quit last year, and my wife doesn't smoke so a non smoking cruise would appeal to me.

Kennicott - your conclusion to the Celebrity poll may not be accurate. (If I voted in that one) I would have voted along the majority lines -- no to balcony smoking and no to casino smoking. However if the line takes away smoking in its entirety, I will not cruise that line, as I am (according to their rules) a smoker.

I agree that smoking inside sucks for the non-smoker, and as such I have no problem going outside to a designated smoking area (hopefully covered during inclement weather). But I refuse to not have my nicotine for the entirety of my vacation.


I suspect that other members of that poll may be with me on that. Also consider, that if one member of the family smokes, the entire family will not cruise the non-smoking line.


I do believe that a non-smoking ship would still fail; however, as Celebrity has shown us, can succeed in a well-regulated outdoor smoking only.


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There are many, MANY posts damning smokers for "ruining" their cruise. The fact is, there are many of us that conform to the regulations of the ship and take into consideration the individual rights of others that may not smoke. That said, there are also parents that have well behaved kids that blend into the cruise experience and parents that cut their kids loose to have the run of the ship as soon as they board. There are people that drink and do not interfere with other passengers as well as those that feel cruising is a drunkfest, starting arguments, fights and making fools of themselves. Those on the negative side of the examples I just gave are the one's to blame. I smoke. I respect those around me even going as far as when in the casino, if someone sits next to me, If I want to light up, I ask if it would bother them. I also stick to the designated areas. BUT, if you know where those areas are (and you should if you are offended by smoking) and feel there is no other way to access where your going without passing through them, PLEASE don't give me a dirty look while waving your hand as though I was smoking pot. According to the cruise lines regulations, I have as much right to be onboard as you do. :)

Cruisin Tim, I agree. I used to smoke and on the cruise I would only smoke in the designated areas.It's funny though---since I quit I thought I would be bothered by smokers, I'm not. Maybe  I have stopped long enough. Before quitting, I would be aware of the surroundings wen I smoke. That I believe is just the evolution of the current smoker.

God bless your heart John!!! You have NO idea how many people I have met that had quit for as little as 2 months and became like born again Christians when it came to smoking!!! :D

Most certainly the smoking issue on cruise ships is pretty contentious. If one has doubts just look at the HAL smoking only issue thread on C.C. Over a quarter of a million views and working toward 3500 posts. Some of those folk would come to blows if not separated by cyberspace, Haw. That thread was more or less generated due to all the global major cruise lines, except HAL, discontinuing their smoking on balcony policies, the big 12 to be exact. Thereby creating a situation wherein smokers began leaving their cruise lines of choice in favor of HAL due HAL's more lenient smoking policy.

Personally I don't get my knickers in a knot over the smoking stuff, other than we dumped HAL almost two years ago now due balcony cigar smokers. I never smoked however my wife did, quit about 25 years ago, she is like one of those "Born again Christians" Crusin Tim mentions, even to this day she says that if someone ahead in stopped traffic flips a lit cigarette out the window she has to control the impulse to leap out and start smoking it.

Actually, I welcome having a pipe smoker on the adjacent balcony. An occasional cigarette doesn't upset me either. But since we usually book long voyages getting stuck with a cigar smoker is too much. Worst case scenario is what one HAL guest experienced, they had a cigar smoker on the adjacent balcony, but what really made it bad was that he would invite his cigar smoking buddies to join him. Now, if there had been a smoking lounge on that HAL ship chances are the little group would have gotten together in that venue.

Some of us have been discussing for some time that HAL is unlikely to be able to prohibit balcony smoking, under the circumstances they now find themselves in, unless and until they have interior areas dedicated to smokers on all their ships, like they do on many other lines, for example the Churchill rooms on Princess and Cunard or the Connoisseur smoking rooms on Regent, Carnival and other lines. HAL has only one ship with such and their newest ship is coming out without one, to do so for their entire fleet will involve a lengthy and expensive undertaking.

Anyway, I stand by my assessment that Celebrity appears to be closer than anyone else to becoming smoke free. I've never been on Celebrity but base my opinion on all the areas they prohibit smoking entirely in, particularly the casino, on balconies and that Celebrity does not even provide a single smoking room dedicated to smokers, yet their guests appear to give them near unanimous approval. Be interesting to learn of another line that tops that.  




LOL nothing worse than a reformed smoker.  I can vouch for that as I am one.  I am of the same belief, you know there are going to be smokers on every cruise, so either hold your breath as you walk by or stay out of the casino.  If that does not suit your fancy, there is always land vacays that you can take.  Everyone has a right to do whatever they please.


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