A LOT of open holes in this review!!! What documentation was missing? Usually just a VALID passport and a VALID Government issued photo I.D. is all you need to board (and these are things you should have known prior to going to the dock)! Once the passport is entered into the ships system, in most cases it is not needed for presentation the rest of the cruise except maybe when going to places like the U.K.  Here's the BIG one....the cruise line has NO lawful authority to enforce paying a fine of ANY amount to board the ship so where is THAT coming from ???? It sounds to me when you state about limiting cruises to U.S. ports that she had a questionable passport which is not the cruise lines fault. I think there's more to this than your explaining. You left your wife behind is what I get from "Trip itself was fine but I was alone on a ship while everyone else had their spouses with them which greatly depressed me.". Your kidding...right?