"Cruises are geared for people that drink". Um, no there not! I have been on 12 cruises and the alcohol charges on my final folio were the least of my charges. The people you saw getting drinks for their friends, if they were caught, would have had the package removed with no refund. As for the soft drinks, the cruise line pays the beverage companies for it, so if you want it, you pay for it or you can drink all the free water, iced tea and lemonade you like! Too inconvenient to go to the bar to get a drink...really? I'll let that go! If booking your next cruise depends on the " soft drink situation" changing, guess your right, this was your last cruise! By the way, outside of your mention of the good entertainment, how was the food, your cabin, the ports, the fact you didn't have to cook, clean, make your bed or go to work? Seems like you spent too much time micro-managing the cruise as opposed to enjoying your cruise.