I cruised years ago on a Royal Carribean and LOVED it! We went on the Norweigan cruise ship: Getaway and have to say DONT DO IT. To start off their on-boarding and off-boarding procedures are HORRIBLE. Long slow moving lines, no clarity as to where to go, and getting off, despite getting in line at the earliest possible time it took us over two hours to get off the boat and we missed our flight home. (They expected a ship of 4000 to somehow get off in two hours, and all that carry their own luggage to get off in 15 minutes.) Everything is an up sell, the entertainment is lackluster at best (except for Million Dollar Quartet, that was a good show!), and the food is only OK. We had many rude waiters and staff (though some were good). Overall I would not recommend and will not be doing a Norwegien cruise again.