where to start? ‚  well any psychologist will tell you you will start with the thing that bothers you the most. ‚  I find it sad that you let a $400 parking bill ruin your vacation. ‚ Especially when Norwegian doesn't make a dime for the parking or is involved with it at all, the NYC Port authorities charge. ‚ Welcome to NY. ‚ Park on 5th ave on the upper east side and that would of been $100 a day parking fee. ‚ Next time do your homework. ‚ ‚ 

Speaking of homework, I have never heard of anyone having to pay for drinks on the cruise, didn't you shop around and realize that everybody and their brother offers unlimited beverage package for free (well actually now you are on the hook for the 18% gratuity, but I'm pretty sure all the cruises are like that these days.) meantime with specialty restaurant dining, free drinks, and the $200 I'll pay for a limo to and from the same cruise instead of driving myself will be $2700 for two. ‚ same room as yours, (8th floor balcony) ‚ I have not seen a deal within $500 of that on any cruise line let alone flight costs. ‚