I am getting tired of people who post dissatisfaction because they missed a port due to a sick or injured passenger! When does the "it's all about me" attitude stop. Do you really think these passengers wanted to be sick or get injured onboard. What if it was you or a family member? Would it be OK to have the ship divert to have them taken care of? When we did our Trans-Atlantic crossing last April, we skipped Bermuda due to bad weather, did I complain? NO !! When we changed our itinerary due to that missed port and went to the Azores instead where we weren't expected and there were no excursions available, did I complain? NO !! When we had an at sea medical evacuation due to a passenger with severe appendicitis, and we lost time because the ship had to turn around to meet the helicopter thus changing the amount of time in the next port, did I complain? NO ! Actually, the day after evacuation of the passenger, the Captain made an announcement that she was doing fine and recovering after surgery, you could hear the whole ship cheering! You didn't get "JACKED" by Norwegian. People that post things like this are just inconsiderate to anyone else because they think the world revolves around them.